Start off your New Year with positivity and productivity by setting goals

setting goals craft business help knitting needles Start off your New Year with positivity and productivity by setting goalsSetting goals for the new year is one of my favourite things – 2015 has been and gone and now I’m ready to be looking forward.

I’m not a huge one for the new years celebrations, but I do love it for a push to get serious with our goals.  It feels like it’s a fresh slate and time to reevaluate – never a bad thing in my opinion.

If you’re like me and thinking about the new year to come then I’ll share what I like to do in order to capitalise on this time.  I think it’s important to do a few things:

Look back and recognise what you did well in the past year

While taking stock of what you’ve done and looking at how you’ve performed in the past year it’s easy to focus on the negatives.  How you perhaps didn’t have the sales you’d hoped for or that you’ve still not got the hang of Etsy.  Look at what you DID do, recognise and celebrate it.

Now whether it’s the fact that you took a leap and started a new craft business, or that you have worked hard to learn a new skill or just that you have made that first sale that is something to be proud of.  Not everyone does these things so please recognise this as a positive!

By doing this and being kind to ourselves, we might be more likely to set better goals for the future and goals that matter.

Setting goals for 2016

setting goals new year craft business successI have talked about setting goals in a past post  and it’s really important to make sure that you set SMART goals.  Make sure that whatever you do set that you are specific, that you can measure your success, that they are attainable, relevant and also that you set a time limit on when you’ll achieve them by.




When thinking about goals for a coming year I think it’s also important to:

  • break down your goals in to smaller manageable chunks – for example if your goal is to have 1000 sales by the end of the year then break that down in to monthly targets.
  • have an idea of what you’ll do to meet these goals.  For each goal you have what steps will you take to get there?  To get those sales will you increase your social media time, or will you open an Etsy shop?  Really pinpoint how you think you’ll achieve it.
  • and finally don’t limit your goals to numbers on a sales sheet.  Aim to learn something new, try out a new social media platform or to meet new people each month.

What are your goals for 2016?

I’d love to know what your aims are in 2016 or what you were really proud of achieving in 2015 – please leave a comment and let me know!

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