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Your online home.  This is yours and no-one can take it away.  Very important!  


Create – a highly recommended platform that includes your hosting and easy to use templates that create really pretty and professional looking sites.  Used often in the craft world and for good reason!


Bluehost I recommend these guys wholeheartedly for even beginners to the world of creating a website.  They can provide both your hosting and domain name for you at reasonable prices.

WordPress – you’ll need this to add content to your site if you go with a general hosting company like Bluehost.  WordPress is free.


Themes – templates to make your blog look professional.

WordPress has plenty of free templates to choose from so don’t discount these.

WooThemes – lots of free, but also lots of paid templates.  Not expensive.


Domain name – having your shop name with just .com or afterwards helps you look professional!

GoDaddy – this is my go to place for cheap domain names and I use them regularly.


TIP – Having your own website and domain name (for example creates trust and makes you stand out as a ‘proper’ business

TIP – Having your entire business on one site, such as Etsy or Facebook, can be risky if anything happens to that site or if they change rules.  Having your own site gives you control.


Online Shop

Provide the means for your customers to buy direct from you in a safe, hassle free way.  Removing the need to pay fees from sites like Etsy and Ebay.

Create – as above – if you go with Create to have your website it will include the shop.

e-junkie – Basic but cheap way to sell e-products online.  If you have books or patterns this is perfect!  Monthly fee of approx $5 per month

Shopify – All singing, all dancing!  Has templates to integrate on to your site and provides all you need to have a shop.  Can handle physical products that you’ll ship.  Different pricing tiers that start at $14 per month.

WooCommerce – if you have a theme from WooThemes (mentioned above) then consider getting this added for free to turn your site in to a shop.


TIP – People need to be reassured on the internet so make sure your site looks professional and uses a payment method people will trust, such as Paypal.



Make your own logos, banners or even use it to add prices to your pictures while keeping your look consistent throughout your site

PicMonkey – free and easy to use.  My favourite tool!  Does have a Pro option but has lots available in free mode.

Canva – also free but with some paid options.


TIP – in order for your site to run faster, keep your images around 500 pixels wide.  This will reduce their file size and load time.  You can resize images in PicMonkey for free!



Want to keep in touch with your customers?  Get them to subscribe to a list and you’ll be able to contact them whenever you want!


Mailchimp – free, with some paid options.  Really easy to set up and integrate in to your site.

Aweber – small monthly cost, well recommended by many.


TIP – Can you offer anything for free to attract subscribers?



Some jobs would just take us far too long to do on our own – so don’t be scared, outsource to an expert!  From small logo design, to help building a website.  It needn’t be too expensive.

Fiverr – A perfect place to dip your toe in to the outsourcing world.  Each job costs $5.  Yes, $5!!  So you want a logo?  Get one for a fiver.  How about help setting up social media?  Yup.  $5.  Have a browse and see what you can get.

Elance – if your job is a little more in depth then take a look here.  You can post a job for free and freelancers will contact you to offer to do the job for you!

TIP – your time is precious.  Know when to hand over the reins to someone else.  


Craft Buying resources

It’s important to make sure you’re buying craft items that will work for your business and the demands of it.  There are many buying guides out there for all sorts of items – here’s a few I’ve come across while researching crafts that I enjoy.

Cutting Machines 

Metal Stamping

Sewing Machines


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