Pinterest Basics – social media for crafters!

I’m always telling people that they should be on Pinterest and that it’s a great tool for businesses where a visual is involved – i.e. us and crafts!  I’m hearing time and time again though that people just don’t know where to start with Pinterest and how to use it so if that is you, then keep reading!

What is Pinterest?

Basically Pinterest is like a giant wall with a collection of pin boards on them.  On each board is a pin that has a picture and, most likely, a link to where you can learn more about what’s in the picture.

If you join Pinterest your profile is like that giant wall.  You can have as many of your own boards as you like, call them what you like and pin what you like on them.

You can choose to follow other people’s profiles and if you do that then when they add new pins they are shown to you in your home feed.  Pinterest also shows you things that they think you will like too in that home feed.  On the flip side, if someone follows you or your boards then whenever you post a pin they will see that.

Pinterest is also used like a search engine by many people too – so people will just search for something and see what comes up and inspires them.


Business or Personal?

It’s important to have a business account on Pinterest as they do not allow posting for commercial purposes with their personal accounts.  It’s really easy to transfer a personal account to a business account though so do make sure you have that set up properly.  You don’t want your account closed down in the future!


How to get started?  What should I pin?

You can pin your products for a start!  Most people get that they can do this but then get stuck on what else they could pin and so give up with Pinterest.

Think broadly about what your customers may be interested in.  If you sell relaxing candles to stressed out mums then perhaps you could have some boards about ‘mum humour’, ‘articles about destressing’, ‘aromatherapy’ and ‘home decor’.  All of these broad categories could well entice your ideal customer.

If you’re struggling to know who your ideal customer is then take a look at this article about finding your niche.

Once you have some board ideas set up you can start adding content and pinning what will attract your customer.  You could sprinkle your products in every so often in boards that they fit, or you could have a board with just your items.  You can pin direct from Etsy by using the ‘pin it’ button next to your listing.

Pinterest basics

It’s important to be repinning other people’s content too.  You’ll soon run out of content if you just rely on your own pins.  Think of your Pinterest boards as a great way to give huge amounts of value to your ideal customer – if you see something that you think could help them out then pin it!


How to get followers?  No-one follows me so they won’t see anything I pin!

By pinning regularly and pinning good content to your boards you’ll have an account that if someone comes across they may well be interested in seeing more from, so that’s a good start.

You could find people who are your ideal customers and follow them.  This may then lead them back to your profile and if they like what they see they may follow you back.  How to find them?  Search out accounts they may be interested in, or perhaps a competitors account and see who follows them.

Even if they don’t follow you back, this is an excellent exercise for you to really see what things your ideal customer is pinning – it may give you some ideas on more boards you could make!

Use keywords in your pins.  Think about what people would search for to get to your pin and make sure those are in the title and the description.  Many people use Pinterest as a search engine so making each pin searchable will get your pins found.  If someone comes across it and likes what you pin then they may follow you.

Share your Pinterest account with your other social media followers – share to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and encourage people to follow you there.

Regularly share content – either your own pins, from your own website or repin others content.  Try and aim for 5-10 mins each day.


What about group boards?

Group boards are a collaboration of pinners.  Normally they have a theme and when you pin to those boards you may well get a wider audience for your products.

As an example, I have a (fairly new) group board called Handcrafted Marketplace.  I invite anyone to come and join and they can pin their products.  If you’d like to try it out do let me know!


I do think that Pinterest is a great opportunity and resource for us as crafters and one that I think we should really aim to tap in to.  I will say that it is unlikely to give quick results though so don’t give up if after a week you’re still struggling!  I do find it slow to gain followers, but with consistent effort it does pay off.  5-10 mins every day pinning and repinning, and then also following a few people every day will get you off to a great start.

If you’d like to see what I post on Pinterest and follow me if what I pin is of interest to you then check out:
Visit The Crafty Mentor’s profile on Pinterest.

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