Are you ready for the Christmas rush?

Does it feel like the festive period has crept up on you a bit?  We’re almost half way through November and for many of us, the rush and overwhelm has started. In order to get through unscathed I’m going to offer a bit of advice. Get Organised! Seriously.  You may think that creative types can’t… Continue Reading

A look at creating a website with Create

Disclaimer – if you decide to purchase a product after clicking on a link on my site I may get a commission which helps The Crafty Mentor keep going..  This hasn’t influenced any review or comments about the product!   Having your own website can be a great idea.  Not only will it make you… Continue Reading

Building your brand through packaging

Packaging your product can be the difference between your customer being happy with their purchase and them being ecstatic with their purchase!  It can also solidify your brand and make people remember you. We all want raving fans for our business and one way to do this is to make the experience of buying handmade… Continue Reading

Networking 101 for Craft Businesses

When we set our craft businesses up the first thing we are told to do is get networking. We need people to see our pages and to see our shops or we’re not going to make any sales fast are we? When you set up your craft business at the beginning you’re full of enthusiasm… Continue Reading

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