Tips for creating a DIY logo

Making new logos and branding can be exciting the first time you do it, but when you have to redo them a few months down the line because a social media or selling platform has changed it can can go from fun to frustrating! I’ve mostly been a DIY logo maker.  I use PicMonkey as it’s… Continue Reading

Best tools for product photography

Product photography is so important for craft businesses and Etsy stores. I can bet we’ve all struggled with our photos at some time or another.  Here are some great tools that I recommend to get your product photography up to scratch: (please note some links are affiliate links and may generate a commission if you… Continue Reading

How to set up an Etsy Business

An Etsy business is a logical next step for someone who wants to make a craft business work for them.  Why?  Because Etsy has an audience ready and waiting to get buy your products! So if you’re thinking about setting up a business and Etsy is part of that then read on for how to… Continue Reading

Does your social media need a kick start?

When we start our craft businesses we can be so excited, we set up social media accounts everywhere and begin posting.  Sometimes when we don’t get a lot of feedback straight away or when we get confused as to the best way to use a social media channel we lose momentum with it and we… Continue Reading

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