How to set up an Etsy Business

An Etsy business is a logical next step for someone who wants to make a craft business work for them.  Why?  Because Etsy has an audience ready and waiting to get buy your products!

So if you’re thinking about setting up a business and Etsy is part of that then read on for how to set up an Etsy business.

how to set up an etsy business for craft success Your top tips on how to set up an Etsy business

Etsy business Ideas

First of all you need to have your idea right? If you’ve already got an inkling of what you want to do and sell then skip ahead.  If not, then now is the time to think about what you want to make and sell.  You have a couple of options – you can sell ready made items or you can sell things that are made to order on Etsy so there’s no real need for a huge inventory before you start.  Make sure you consider your time to make (and so your profit margin) and also whether you really want to do this craft to that extent.  I love crochet, but I’m not sure I’d want to make a business out of it because it takes me so long!

The great thing about selling on Etsy is that it’s really a low cost way to try things out (see below for a way to make it free) so if you’re unsure you can always just take a deep breath and give it a go – you’ll never know unless you try!

Get referred

Secondly I really recommend that you get referred to sell on Etsy.  The reason I say this is that if you sign up via someone’s link you’ll earn yourself (and the person who referred you) 40 free listings.  That means that you can truly give Etsy a go free of charge.  You’ll get charged a fee when you’ve sold, but this should be factored in to your price and profit margins.  Getting referred simply means getting a unique link from an existing Etsy seller and if you sign up through that you’ll get the free listings.

If you have a friend who already sells on Etsy, reach out and get a code – they’ll love you for it.  Or if you like you can go through my Etsy link here.

Gather your information

In order to open your shop you need to stock it with, at the very least, one item and for this you need to have some images, information about what you’re selling, your price and postage options.  You can of course change things as you go along in the future, but it’s good to have some idea of this before you go about listing.

How you write your listing and using good SEO (search engine optimisation – making the listings Etsy friendly) is important so that your listings get seen in amongst the masses of other listings.  You can find out more about what Etsy finds important here.  Don’t get yourself too overwhelmed by this at the beginning though, it’s a lot to get your shop open and out there and there will always be time and room for improvement later.

Open your shop

Once you have one listing available your shop can be open!  Get sharing on social media, let friends and family know and really go to town on getting the word out!  Crack open the wine or chocolate and give yourself a pat on the back!


Tweak your shop and listings – always be improving

Once your shop is open now is the time to learn as much as you can, to improve and to tweak.  No-one is born knowing how to have a successful etsy shop (and even if they did it changes so often!) so don’t worry if it’s not perfect right away. You’ll learn, you’ll try new things and you’ll see what is working and what’s not.  It’s important to put in some time and effort to really get to grips with this though if you want your Etsy business to work.  You can’t just set it up and forget about it.

SEO is important so learn about titles and tags, about making your photographs as best as they can be and about describing your products well.

Brand your shop with your logo, add an about page with your story and tell your potential customers all about you, add policies in so that customers know what happens if things go wrong and keep adding more and more listings.  The more listings the more chances you have of being found through a natural search.

Etsy seems to have a magic number of 100 listings being great for boosting you in searches, whether this is true or whether it is just that you have so many more listings available to be seen I’m not sure, but certainly getting more listings out there is something to aim for.



Having your Etsy shop opened is of course only part of the story.  Hopefully you’ll start to get sales from this and when you do then it is the time to really deliver.  Make sure that you’re providing excellent customer service, think about how you might like to package your products and be professional at all times.


I want to wish you good luck in building your Etsy business, if you need any help at any time then come and join my Facebook group where there’s a whole lot of us all helping each other succeed with Etsy!

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