How to sell on Etsy

As one of the biggest online craft marketplaces, how to sell on Etsy is a question I am asked A LOT!

Etsy is often the place that is tried first when starting out in a craft business and for good reason.  It’s a tried and tested way of getting your crafts out in to the world.  It’s what I recommended to my daughter when she started and it’s what I use too.

How to sell on Etsy

Selling on Etsy is quite simple.  Set up your shop and have at least one item for sale and you’re away.  There’s no need to have lots of items or stock, there’s no need to have a tonne of experience and you can even show an item you’ve made in the past and list your item as made to order.  So you don’t even need to have a big outlay of materials when you start.

To sell on Etsy you need:

  • an idea of what to sell
  • to set up an Etsy shop account (be sure to get a referral code to get some free listings when you start – ask a friend or use mine)
  • to do some research for good keywords to use when listing your items


What should you sell on Etsy?

I can’t say enough that when you’re thinking about branching out to sell on Etsy that research will be your friend.  When you’re considering what to sell there’s no better thing to do than to look on Etsy and see if others are selling it.

Now it can be a little overwhelming and disheartening to have your idea and find that there are others already selling something you thought of – don’t let it get you down at all.  You are researching!

If others are making something similar to you then it’s a good sign.  It means that someone else has hopefully researched and found that there is a demand for the product.

Of course, there could be just many people advertising the product but not many people actually selling.  Take a look at the shops and what they have sold.  Are people buying the products?  This is even more important to find out than seeing if others are making them.  There’s no point if people aren’t buying.


Another way to know what to sell is to use the Etsy search bar.  If you start typing in to the bar it will auto suggest words of things other people have looked for in the past.  And if they are looking for it, chances are there’s a market and people want to buy.


If you have a really unique idea then give it a go.  Don’t worry that there’s not a market there already – just give it a try.  They best thing about selling on Etsy is that it’s a fairly cheap way to try out selling crafts.



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Don’t forget that you can also get a free Etsy checklist by signing up to my newsletter here.  It will help you to make sure you don’t forget anything when listing new items.


I also provide Etsy help with my Etsy critiques, so if you’re already set up or if you’re just starting and want the best start possible then these might be a great investment for you.  You can find out about them here.

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