Etsy Shop Critiques

28 BW WEBDo you need some direction with your Etsy shop and in particular SEO help?


Sometimes you just need an impartial eye to look over your listings and see what you can do to improve. You need someone to tell you whether your tags are right, whether the title looks good or whether your description goes on too long!

If you feel like you need that then this shop critique is for you!


Etsy Shop Critique – £29

How it works and what you’ll get:

On purchase of this item please leave a note in paypal with the best email address for me to contact you on if it’s not the same as your paypal address.  I’ll contact you as soon as possible to let you know I have your order and check if you need any specific help.  I will then aim to complete the shop critique within 72 hours.

You’ll receive from me:

  • A complete Etsy shop critique including first impressions
  • Critique on tags
  • Critique on titles
  • Critique on descriptions
  • Where possible I will give examples of how you could improve your tags, titles and descriptions.
  • At least 1 example title and 1 example of tags to use in a listing.
    Critique on photos
  • Areas where you could tweak to gain more views and sales

This will be delivered in a PDF format which is yours to keep within 72 hours.

I also offer reasonable e-mail contact for 30 days after the delivery of your critique so you can get in touch if you have any questions.

Etsy Shop Critique – £29

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