Does your social media need a kick start?

craft business social media help challenge Facebook instagram pinterest twitterWhen we start our craft businesses we can be so excited, we set up social media accounts everywhere and begin posting.  Sometimes when we don’t get a lot of feedback straight away or when we get confused as to the best way to use a social media channel we lose momentum with it and we end up forgetting about it.  The account is still there but it’s unloved and to be honest not a great reflection on your business that you have going.
Being effective on social media isn’t just about having lots of like and followers, it’s about using it well and learning all there is.  It’s about creating good habits and systems that lets you post every day without it taking all of your time away.

Nobody is born knowing what a twitter hashtag is and how to get more likes on Facebook.  People learn it by using, by listening and by trying out things.  Quite often there’s no right or wrong way – it’s what works for you.  But you’ll never know about it if you don’t make it a habit to use your accounts.

Do you need some help?

If you want to get in to some great habits and learn more about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest then take a look at my new Email Challenge that begins on January 2nd 2016.  You can begin whenever you like, but when you do you’ll be sent an email every single day for 30 days.  Each email will talk about one thing and will give you an action point with what you can do with your social media that day.  By the end of the 30 days you’ll have four accounts up and running, some systems and tools to use and more knowledge about how to use it.

Would you like to be part of it?  If so, go put your email in the box on the sign up page and await your instructions on January 2nd (and if you’re reading this after January 2nd you can get started straight away!)


Sign up to the social media Shake Up challenge here and get your craft business marketed well in a social world!

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