Where to get craft insurance in the UK and why you need it

Getting craft insurance for your new business is a bit of a mine field and as such many people put it off as long as possible!  In this post I will detail your options for getting suitable insurance for crafters to hopefully make it a little less stressful.

Why you need craft insurance

There is no legal need for having insurance for your craft business but it’s generally something that is advised to get.  If what you make ends up injuring someone or causing damage and they decide to sue you, it will help cover the costs.  As with all insurance we just hope that we’ll never need it but it’s very much a good thing to have.

There are two different kinds of crafters insurance you can get and this sometimes causes confusion.  You can get policies for public liability and also for product liability or you can be covered for both.

What’s the difference between Public and Product liability

Product liability insurance covers your actual product that you make.  Public liability covers you at an event for anything that might happen, so for example if you’re at a craft fair or market and someone trips over something that’s part of your stall – it should cover you for that (obviously check when you buy what it does cover you for!)

Do you need public liability insurance for craft fairs?

The answer to whether you need craft fair insurance is simply – it depends!  Normally yes, but best to check with the organisers.

If you’re planning to do lots of fairs quite often it’s a requirement that you do have some craft fair public liability insurance but sometimes they have their own that you can be covered under.  Always good to ask in these situations and if you think you’ll be doing a few it’s probably worth it to get a policy that will cover more than a single event.

Where to get craft insurance quotes

As all craft businesses are so different, it’s not easy to say who is the best craft insurance provider.  I’ve listed below a few that are used in the UK a lot but you’ll need to do your due diligence to make sure that it covers you and what you make and need it for.  For example, some don’t cover you if you sell outside of the UK, or limit your cover to a percentage of overall sales.  Check the fine print and if in doubt give them a call to make sure that it covers you.

Direct Line

Ian Wallace

Craft Cover


Simply Business

Craft Insure

A-N (insurance for artists)


If you know of any other craft business insurance companies that are recommended do leave me a comment with the details and I’ll add it to the list.

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