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Before you shut up shop for Christmas, time to take stock

craft business reviewDecember never drags does it?  It races through and before we know it we’ve reached our last posting dates and we shut up shop to spend time with our families.  For many of us, being able to work from home and take time out is incredibly important and so we absolutely should do it if we can.

Before you do actually shut up shop and switch off your crafting minds for a week or two, I want you to do something:

Write down what worked and what didn’t

Now either write in a planner notebook you have for your business, or make a note on your phone, or type it up in a document on your computer.  It doesn’t matter where you do it so long as you do.

Let’s look at what worked first?

Maybe you set a goal for the number of sales and in doing so you aimed for it and surpassed it?

Maybe you committed to networking every day and sharing your products to where your ideal customers hang out?

Maybe you ramped up your tweets??


What about what didn’t work?

Did suppliers let you down?

Did you get overwhelmed?

Were you not as organised as you’d have liked to be?

Did your social media accounts get forgotten about?


Whatever the answers to the questions, don’t dwell on it.  Just write it down.  The act of thinking about it will likely give you some ideas for what to do next year.  But the main thing is, in the run up to Christmases coming you’ll be able to pull out your notes and make better judgements about where to spend your time and effort next year.


Now don’t just be limited to doing this at the Christmas period, you could do this every month or every two months to see what’s worth spending time on.  And of course, the end of the year is a great time to look back on the past year as a whole!

I’d love to know what worked for you this year?  Why not share it in the comments so others can benefit too!

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