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Why customers aren’t buying from you on social media

craft business customers aren't buyingYou’re plugging away with social media, but your customers aren’t buying your craft items.  Why?  Is it the product? Is it the platform or is it something else?  I’m going to take a look at some of the big reasons that puts off people from buying on social media.


They’ve missed you

It’s a busy old world out there and it’s hard to be heard.  Perhaps your customers are missing when you post or the algorithms of a certain large social network is stopping them seeing you.  Out of sight and out of mind can be very true on social media!


They don’t know how to order from you

Strange as it may seem from our own points of view (since we’re thinking about the idea of selling online in the first place!) but many people just might not think to message you privately and talk about the sale.  They might not know that it’s normal practice and feel silly asking.  So they head to your etsy shop or website and get distracted by something.  Lost sale!


They’ve not seen enough

Posting just one image on Twitter or Facebook may not be enough to entice a customer to buy.  Perhaps they need more info, like the price, the size or the material of your products.



Finally and this is the biggie right here – trust.  It’s one thing that absolutely needs to be addressed.  Anyone can create a social media account, anyone can say they’re selling crafts and anyone can try and take your money.  It happens, we’ve all heard the horror stories where people have been scammed.  It can be a scary moment handing over money to someone you don’t know.  Some might want to buy, but in the end head for something more comfortable like a big name brand.  Fear can be powerful!


As you can see this is just a few of what may be many reasons why your customers aren’t buying from you – it’s most probably not just one reason, and might be way more than a simple ‘my products are rubbish’ reason too.

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