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How to get more sales on Etsy

Once you get your Etsy shop up and running it can be tempting to just sit back and wait for the customers to arrive.  After all, Etsy has an audience waiting to buy from you, right?  Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have success straight away.  There’s always more your can do to learn about how to get more sales on Etsy.  Take a look at these more advanced Etsy selling tips to make your shop sparkle and to get the customers lining up at the door!

How to get more sales on Etsy

The first thing to do when thinking about how to get more Etsy sales is getting people to your store.  The more people you can get there and the more views you get, the more chances you have of converting them in to a sale.


Getting your shop out there and known is a old fashioned but good way of getting people to your store.  Of course, how we’ll do that is not always old fashioned, using social media, Facebook groups etc.

When you’re hoping to increase your Etsy sales you need to be shouting about the shop everywhere you can.  Promoting in groups where your ideal customer hangs out, talking on Twitter and in Twitter chats, posting to Pinterest are all things you can be doing on a daily basis.  It doesn’t need to take all day though, set a timer, do your social media and move on.

More traditional ideas such as having leaflets and business cards (I love these ones) could also work as well.  If you’re planning a craft fair then it’s a good way to convert people who aren’t ready to buy yet and get them to see you online when they might feel more comfortable to buy.

Getting existing buyers to return and buy more could also work well for you – why not give your customers an incentive to return to you?  Coupons work well for this.  You could even make a refer a friend discount to encourage them to spread the word.

While we’re talking about existing customers, make it easy for them to tag you and share their item on Instagram.  People love showing off stuff they’ve bought so why not leave a note in with your items to remind and invite them to share – free promotion is  great!!


This stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is basically a way of getting your listings seen more in Etsy and also in other places like Google.

SEO changes a lot, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to keep on top of it.  For your Etsy listings it means making your titles and tags right so that when people search for terms you’ll come up.  It’s a really important thing to do because of the potential of bringing in ORGANIC visitors.  Once you have your SEO right it should bring in people without you having to do much more and if we want to sell more on Etsy it is the thing that we should all be striving for!

There’s no point in me repeating all the SEO things you can do for your store so for more information about the current SEO practices for Etsy click here where I have written an in depth article about it all.


Increase Your Listings

If you only have about 10 listings in your Etsy store the chances of people finding your items is much less than if you had 100.  Sometimes people will stumble across you when browsing something completely different to what they then might go on to buy so having the volume there is always worth striving for.  It can take time, but just keep aiming to increase your listings as and when you can.


Once you have worked hard on getting people to your store, the next step for how to increase etsy sales is to convert people to buy once they are there.


Having well thought out, but not rambling, descriptions are key to converting people.  Do you cover everything that a potential customer might be thinking about.  Have you told them about the materials used, the shipping times and what other options you offer?

Make sure you also do more than just rattle off a bunch of facts about your item – be sure to try to really sell it, get people to imagine it in their homes or giving it as a gift.  Set the scene.


Having a coupon giving some money off for a certain period of time is a good way to try and boost Etsy sales short term.  You can make coupons really easily on Etsy (go to Promote and then to Coupon Codes) and it’s definitely worth a try.  You could then promote your code on social media or add a little note to your item descriptions or shop announcement.


Having good reviews can really help convert people to buy from you.  It’s not the be all and end all if you have none, but once they come in it’s much better.  If you ever get in to a conversation with someone after they have bought, remind them about leaving a review if they could – I wouldn’t cold email past customers (I personally always feel a bit annoyed when I get asked for reviews), but if the opportunity arises and someone is already telling you how fab your item was then I’d definitely remind them to pop their thoughts on Etsy too!


I hope you’ve found these selling on Etsy tips useful and that they’ve helped you with how to sell more on Etsy – if you still need more help and would like a personalised look at your store, I offer Personalised Shop Critiquescheck them out here.

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