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17 Craft ideas to sell – plus some Christmas thoughts!

Sometimes you just need a bit of a brainstorm to get you started on the road to your amazing new craft business and to get the ideas flowing.  Today’s article is looking at 17 different craft ideas to sell which will hopefully get you started – plus another 8 Christmas ideas!  Some require more equipment than others, and some are easier than others, but if something takes your fancy why not give them a go and if you like it you could have a thriving business on your hands!

17 craft ideas to make and sell

  1. Soft toys – knitted, crocheted or sewn! (remember to check out CE testing regulations if you’re in the UK)
  2. blankets – if you’re a fast knitter this is a good idea
  3. digital art – you could sell as a pdf or a print
  4. children’s clothes
  5. jewellery – as simple or as complicated as you like.  I’ve enjoyed hand stamping in the past, quite on trend at the moment.
  6. dog clothes – jumpers and coats, or maybe even a simple bandana
  7. sweets – handmade fudge or chocolates (remember to check for food hygiene rules where you are)
  8. hair accessories – hairbands, clips you’ve embellished and made unique.
  9. mugs – print your own artwork on them
  10. cross stitch patterns
  11. craft kits – make a crochet your own cuddly toy kit, or a cross stitch kit with all you need to do a craft
  12. leatherwork – make belts and purses
  13. wedding invites and cards
  14. cushion covers – patchwork, leather, personalised
  15. bunting to decorate nurseries or brighten up a home
  16. personalised family tree pictures
  17. personalised stationery to keep people organised



Christmas craft ideas to sell

And just some extra Christmas ideas as we know that’s a great time to get people interested in buying handmade and unique items, some are more suited to selling at craft fairs than online – but give them a go!

  1. Christmas cards
  2. Decorations for the tree – personalised can be a good idea
  3. handmade stockings
  4. christmas puddings (again check food regulations)
  5. personalised christmas present sacks
  6. santa plates
  7. snowman soup
  8. Christmas eve boxes


How to get more ideas of crafts to sell

I hope that you like this list – as you can imagine, the possibilities are really endless and the sweet spot is finding something that there’s a market for but that there isn’t a lot of competition, something unique.  I encourage you to really look at what you enjoy making and have a browse around on Etsy or similar marketplaces to see what takes your fancy and to also see what’s actually selling.  To do this, click on the number of sales a seller has to see which items are actually being bought – don’t be fooled by favourites or just the fact that they are listed to make you think that an item is in demand.  Sales figures will tell you how popular it really is (lots of favourites can mean that people are playing games with others to artificially increase that, not always, but something to bear in mind).

Once you have some ideas it’s a case of jumping in and giving it a try.  If you’re concerned about the amount of money it might take to start off then go for an idea with a small outlay of expenses and not a huge amount of specific tools needed.

Whatever you decide, make sure that you truly enjoy the craft – there’s not one perfect idea of what craft sells well and there’s no point in finding something you can sell lots of if you hate making it!

Good luck with it all!

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