Best tools for product photography

product photographyProduct photography is so important for craft businesses and Etsy stores. I can bet we’ve all struggled with our photos at some time or another.  Here are some great tools that I recommend to get your product photography up to scratch:

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possibly the most important part of the puzzle!  But do you go for a cheap point and shoot, a DSLR or stick with your smartphone?  Let’s look at them all in turn:

Smartphone – almost all of us have these and as such they are really accessible and a great choice to start with.  Some of the higher end phones have fantastic cameras and can do as much as a point and shoot!  If you’ve a good camera on your phone don’t discount it!

Point and shoot – maybe you already have one languishing in a drawer?  It seems like people don’t use these as much nowadays but they can still be a good idea if your smartphone isn’t the best and you don’t want the expense of a DSLR.  If you’re going to get one I suggest getting something that can connect to wifi so you can access your photos easily like this Samsung Galaxy camera

DSLR – if you’re serious about improving your product photography then this is probably the best option for you.  You can control so many settings on how your image is going to come out.  The downside is it’s expensive, can need extra lenses and a huge learning curve.  The results can be oh so worth it though!




If you’ve got yourself a camera then the next most important tool I think you should have is a tripod.  Whether you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR a tripod will stop the shake and take much more crisper photos.  Depending on what you’re trying to take photos of you could go with a standard size tripod or a more desktop size version.  If you get a smartphone holder to attach then you’ll be good to go for any kind of camera.



Lighting can make so much difference to your photos and can turn a dull photo into something really special.  Natural daylight is excellent, but can be in short supply at certain times of the year!  This is where light boxes and daylight bulbs can come in handy!



Ok, ok, this isn’t a tool as such!  But it is an incredibly important part of photography.  It takes time, practice, different compositions and patience to get those lovely shots you see on Etsy and other sites.  Don’t get disappointed if it’s not perfect the first time – keep going!

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