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I use a lot of fonts in my work designing planners and wall art over on my Etsy store and have curated a few resources that I wanted to share.  Whether you’re redesigning your logo or whether your products could do with a freshen up with some new fancy fonts these will be helpful for you.

*Always make sure you have the commercial licence if you intend to use a font for something you’re selling – check out the license you get with the font and be sure it covers you.  Normally you don’t need one for just a logo, but if you make mugs to sell, for example, you’ll need one*


Creative Market

Creative Market is a graphic designers dream!  So many different fonts available here and one thing I particularly like is that you can test your font to see how it will look with what you want to write – a great idea for if you want to use something for a logo.

They sell with regular and premium licences – take a look at their limitations with each licence and make sure you get the correct one.

They also have other digital products as well as fonts – so graphics, website themes, photos and backgrounds.  Lots of things!

Creative Market also offer freebies every week and if you’re signed up you’ll get notified when they do so it’s well worth doing that – often there’s at least one font included.  Click the image below to take a look at what they have or sign up to get the freebies.




Font Bundle

Another marketplace but this time focusing solely on fonts – they offer different free fonts every week, normally with a commercial licence and also have some really great bundle offers so you can get quite a lot of fonts for a reasonable amount.

Click the picture below to see what free fonts they have available at the moment.





Mostly free fonts with personal licenses but does have a section for those available to use commercially.


Font Squirrel

All of the fonts on this site are free and also have a commercial license so can be used by your business.


Google Fonts

Another free resource of open source fonts that are optimised and perfect for being on the internet.  A little bit different in how you use them, but might be good for you if you want to make your website a little more fancy!



I hope you found this collection of resources useful.  Perhaps you’ll become like me and a hoarder of pretty fonts on your computer!

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