Are you spending too much time on social media? Here’s 5 tips for you!

social media planning page Facebook craft business etsyIf you have a craft business with an online presence then it’s likely that you’ve found your way on to various social media channels!  I know I have!  People say you must be on Facebook, that Twitter is great for showing off your wares and that Instagram has allowed them to make loads more sales since they started posting on there.  So you join them all and then before you know it your life has been sucked away!

Social media is a great tool to get yourself out there and even better for giving instant feedback on your products, your photos or even on how your day has been.  You can sometimes find lots and lots of replies or likes and that has such an addictive effect!  SO you post some more, keep coming back to check and before you know it the day has gone by with hardly any crafting done, which let’s face it, is what you do best!

So how can you make the most of social media without spending your entire day there and wasting precious crafting time?

Commit to set times of the day for social media

Make yourself have set times of the day when you’ll go on social media.  Perhaps set yourself a goal of doing 1-2 hours of crafting, posting parcels or working on your listings before you even go near it.  Work out what is important to get done that day and try and do that before you have your first dip in to your accounts.

I try and post/check at around mid morning, mid afternoon and then again in the evening if I’m watching tv.

Set a time limit and try to stick to it.

As well as having set times of day for your social media, give yourself a time limit.  We’ve all been there, we sit down to check Facebook for 5 minutes and suddenly an hour has gone by.  You need to be strict with yourself!  Grab a cup of tea and set a timer for 15 mins and go through your accounts posting, updating and checking.  When the timer goes off you’ll have a guilty feeling if you are still hanging out on social media!


Plan what you want to say and promote for each day

social media planning page craft business help organisationSocial media is all about being chatty and social with others, so make time to post about what is happening to you as it happens of course.  But often as sellers of products we want to be shouting about those too.  Make yourself a list of things you want to promote and talk about and make sure you have those in mind as you’re tweeting and posting.

I’ve created some social media planning sheets which you can find on my Etsy store which I use with great success (click the picture to see).  Hopefully you’ve already downloaded the Facebook version for free here and given planning your accounts a go!

Stay well away from your stats, except maybe once a week or month

Stats can be dangerous.  It can get you down and make you either want to run away from social media or spend more time on it to make it work.  It’s a tough habit to break when you get yourself in it but do try to limit looking at stats to once a week at first and then maybe once a month after you get a good handle on what works for you.  You’ll thank yourself for it in the long run!  I think I have a few grey hairs just from worrying about stats in the early days!

Look for tools that link and automate.

Some of my favourite tools for linking up social media sites are as follows:

Buffer – You can connect up twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn and manage them from one dashboard.  It also allows you to craft posts and set them to be posted at certain times.  So if you have a whole heap of posts written in the morning you can schedule them to drip feed through the day.

Hootsuite – This is similar to Buffer in that you can add your different accounts and schedule posts through the day.  Hostile can also be used as a twitter dashboard where you get tweets through as a stream.  I like to set up searches for specific hashtags I like to follow and it will give me a live stream of those too.  Really useful!

IFTTT – This stands for ‘If This Then That’ and you can set up ‘recipes’ that will automate your social media accounts.  For example, you could set it up so that when you post to Facebook it will send a post to Twitter automatically.  There are loads of ways to use this!


Have you any more tools or sites that you use to stop you getting sucked in to social media?

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