About Me

28 BW WEBBuilding a business can be tricky.  Building a craft business that is profitable?  Even more so.


Go get a proper job.


Ever heard that?  Yes, I’ve had that too.  Don’t worry – I realise that your craft business truly is a proper job and together we can get it earning more than you, or they, can ever imagine!


My name is Kirsty.  A true Brit with a passion or two for seeing the world.

I’ve been in online business for years and have been crafting for even more years than that so I know a thing or two about how things work.  Coming up with exciting ideas that are novel and niche in a crowded area comes naturally to me as does seeing the big picture and how to make it all work together.  From setting up podcasts, to coming up with product ideas, all the way to figuring out pricing structure, I’ve been there and even done some speaking on them!


One of my earliest memories of crafting was of sitting at my mums feet with my hands apart as she would wind wool round them.  I loved the fact that she could create something fantastic out of what just looked so basic.  Ok, the fashion police might not have appreciated the My Little Pony jumper I got, but to me it was awesome!  And no-one else had it.

crochet mandalaSince then I strived to be different and create different things.  I love to create.  From designs to my own products to just learning a new skill.  It was my passion.  I can’t say I stuck to one particular craft, I’m way too fickle for that!  But I’d say my favourite is crochet at the moment.  Sharing crafts with others?  That’s another thing I love.  Getting paid for sharing it?  Even better!

Now my own daughter is following in my crafty footsteps and has plenty of ideas and passion for learning too.  She’s currently setting up her own business and we’re tapping in to all my online business knowledge so she can get ahead and make so much more than just a little pocket money.




Are you ready to start building your brilliant business?  

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