12 product photography tips for craft and Etsy sellers

Getting your product shots right for selling your crafts online can feel like a major feat.  Especially when you have an image in your mind as to how you want it to be!  These product photography tips will hopefully help you grow and learn how to take good product photos.

As you’re learning about photographing products and with these tips in mind, always strive to be better and keep learning.  Product photography isn’t static and trends change so be willing to change with it!


12 product photography tips for your craft business


(I covered some more about this in my last blog post here as well so do check that out.)

1.   Invest in a tripod.  Whether you are using a smartphone or a DSLR a tripod will help minimise shakes and keep product photos looking crisp.

2.  Don’t make the mistake that it’s all about the kit you’re using.  Yes it can help, but don’t feel like you *need* the more expensive camera to take great photos.  Learning skills about composition, staging and lighting can be just as effective

3.  Use the self timer option so that it takes the photo without you touching the camera – again this will give you less shake

Composition / staging

4.   Use a consistent background and staging items for all of your main images to keep your brand look.

5.   Wallpaper can be a good idea to use to give your background some interest without being too fussy.  You can get pale wood effect wallpaper or maybe a brick effect that might work well.  It’s a cheap alternative to dedicated backgrounds and some smaller items might be ok on a sample piece of wallpaper – even cheaper!

6.   Utilise some props to give context to your products and help bring fun in.  Not too many that it detracts from your main product though.  For example a baby toy might give another dimension to a baby blanket.


7.   Natural daylight is best, but of course can change a lot.  If you’re wanting to keep everything consistent, then try some daylight bulbs.

8.   Try making some homemade reflectors (use kitchen foil on some cardboard) and use them to bounce light in different areas.  Play around and see what a difference it can make!

9.   Light boxes can be great for small items and jewellery photography and are definitely worth playing around with.


10.  Look for online tutorials and YouTube videos on your favourite editing software to give you extra hints and tips.  If you’re stuck and want to know how to do something just google it.  I bet someone has a tutorial for you!

11.  Free options such as PicMonkey or FotoFuze can be just as effective as Photoshop for amateurs so don’t discount using them or feel you must have the most expensive product.  Photoshop is great, but not the only option!

12.  Try not to distort the colours of your product if that is important for your customers – keep them true to life.  Obviously screens can make them seem different anyway so keeping them as close as possible on your image is the way to go.


And finally, my best tip of all? Play around!  Photography for your crafts and for your Etsy shop might always be a work in progress for you.  Keep trying new things and commit to improving and learning about how to take better product photos each time you try new things!


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product photography tips for etsy and craft businesses

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